Elechia’s Story

Elechia’s Story

“I had many jobs from a young age that prepared me for a life in the healthcare industry from life-guarding to CNA to eventually a Habilitation Technician. Growing up in a small town, it seemed I only had 2 choices anyways… teaching or nursing. So it wasn’t a surprise for me to end up in nursing school. I soon found out that was not where God wanted me to be. After another big move, a husband, and one child later (at that time), I was accepted into a three year trial program for Medical Manual Therapy. After several introductions to different techniques, multiple palpation skills, and a vast number of theories, I realized that the science didn’t always explain the results of the therapy or the lack there of. Some techniques worked, some didn’t, some treatments lasted, and some didn’t. I couldn’t stop asking WHY? I was privileged enough to have a few key mentors that encouraged me to dive deeper. An opportunity presented itself soon after and I was able to shadow multiple researchers as well as travel the world to test my theories.

Anxious to see the results of this research, I went to work… and in 2009, I officially put the science into action and developed what we now call Corrective Manual and Stabilization Therapy.

I wanted to build something reliable, a bridge between modern medicine and integrative healthcare. We now have over 60+ local healthcare facilities that refer to MuscleRx for pain and injury! And over 300+ healthcare providers that back our care and our treatments! We have treated over 4 thousand clients and have held a 93% success rate with reducing and/or eliminating pain, increasing mobility, and building a better quality of life for our clients.

And this is just the beginning…”

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