New Client Discovery Bundle

Includes Your > 3D Postural Scan
+ 2 Corrective Treatments
+ 2 Whole Body Vibration Treatments
+ 2 Red Light Therapy Treatments

How it works...

We have found that our clients fit into 1 of these 3 categories

96+ Hours*

Trauma protocol

Hurting for 6 months or less? The muscle memory hasn’t fully set in yet. This means that your aches and pains may not be as bad as you think and may be easier to erase. If this is the case, you won’t need us for very long!

48-72 Hours*

Acute protocol

Hurting for 6 months or more? The pain is probably becoming a daily annoyance and you’re ready for relief. It could have started with an old injury or it could have come out of no where for no reason (ugh…pesky habits). Either way, we have you covered.

24 Hours*

Chronic protocol

Hurting for years? Life is probably based around what you can and/or can’t do. It seems as if the pain will never fully go away and your hope of living a care-free life is all but gone. However, we can get you relief quickly, all while we dig for your root cause and get you back to living a life without thinking about what NOT to do.

Once the treatment protocol is over, you will enter the...

Maintenance Protocol

Once we have your root cause figured out, we move you to maintenance!

Some see us 1 x month and some 1 x every 3 to 4 months. It varies for everyone and is determined based on how your body holds. BUT the great news is, we have packages and memberships to fit all type of clients.

Simple, easy... and it Works!

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