This is a MANUAL therapy, meaning we use our hands. No lotions, no tools, no nothing, just our hands and the knowledge of the science behind it. The therapy itself, is rather simple but knowing where to press, in what order, and with what pressure, is the magic of the process.

You body is like a combination lock, you have so many combinations to choose from but only one combination, one order, will unlock the code to leading you out of pain. Therefore, we ask tons of questions during our intake and consultation process. We want to make sure that we eliminate as many combinations as possible and find the answer your body has been looking for. Then, we have to make sure the body recognizes the change as its own. If it senses that we are making the change, it won’t last. So, now we have a timing component that we must factor in also.

It’s actually pretty complicated but we have the best practitioners that make it look easy and answers any questions you may have throughout the process!

We currently certify Athletic Trainers, Exercise Physiologist, and Kinesiologists. Each of our practitioners have to possess a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Health and Exercise Science or Kinesiology. Every prospect or graduate that applies is vetted for the 3 unteachable qualities (Humble, Hungry, and Smart) and then offered the Corrective Manual and Stabilization Course. Once accepted into the certification program, each student must complete a 300+ hour course with a minimum of 100 hours of shadow time and 120+ hours of a hands-on apprenticeship. Needless to say, they work very hard to work under our roof!

Your New Client Discovery Session is $195.00. Your Corrective Treatment will take place 3-5 days after your Discovery Session.

During your first Corrective Treatment, your practitioner will discuss and present you with your customized Correct Me Program based on their findings.

Depending on your goals and how long it takes you to get there, your Correct Me Program may vary in number of sessions. On average, it only takes 6 sessions to correct you.

Always remember, your quality of life is priceless and with over a 93% success rate* you have very little to lose!

Not if we can help it! Insurance dictates your care. It also dictates our price and would force us to charge higher premiums to cover the insurance negotiations and filing fees.

If you choose to self-file, we have a lot of clients that have had success doing so. Our receptionist support team will provide you with an itemized copy of your completed appointments with all the necessary codes that your insurance will need to reimburse you directly. If your insurance doesn’t accept the claim, you can ask for it to be applied to your deductible.

Your New Client Discovery Session takes about an hour depending on paperwork and the severity of your ailments. Defend Me Sessions are about 30 minutes and Correct Me Sessions are 35-45 minutes depending on what you need.

Athletic wear is ideal; however, we can work around almost anything you come in wearing. If your practitioner has a specific request due to a treatment technique, they will let you know ahead of time.

Yes, a few things that we ask:

Check your email and fill out the necessary paperwork and submit before your appointment is scheduled. If there is any error, go to the email and create your account and click on your appointment time listed. This should bring you to the detailed screen with a link to fill out your paperwork.
Drink lots of water!! Water allows nerves to respond faster and will help us identify the root cause of your ailment and pain more quickly.
If you have a list of medications, bring a detailed copy of your medication, times per day, and diagnosis.
Other than that, you are good! We can’t wait to meet you!

This always needs to be discussed with your practitioner. It depends on your ailment and pain. Most of the time, to be safe, we tell you to hold off for 24 hours and then you are good to go. Anything new that you want to start doing, do it! But make sure you tell your practitioner, so they can advise you on the “do’s and don’ts”. Go and live your life fully, we need to treat you as you are doing the things you love to do!


We use a color system to accurately assess your pain. Many people can memorize a number, but your brain switches gear to think in more detail to describe pain in a color.

GREEN: You are doing great! No pain!
GREY: Starting to come back but not as bad. (Call the office- this is the sweet spot)
RED: The pain came back to where it started or is worse.
Our clients will put their own spin on the color and add descriptions such as light or dark to the color to help describe where they are in the color wheel. Feel free to do the same!

We work with every age! No, there is not an age limit. We have worked with newborns to geriatric, from kid sports to professional athletes, and yes, even pregnancy! We have worked with it all. If you have any other questions, please call the office for more details.

During your Correct Me Program, it is possible. In fact we actually expect it to. It’s called the “revert” period and we expect and anticipate it between your 2nd and 4th Corrective Session visit.

Believe it or not, this is a great thing! Simply because, we are getting your body back to a certain point to highlight the root cause of how your ailment occurred in the first place. So, we must erase all your compensations “bad habits” to get to the root issue at its core. But don’t worry, we clear it up the minute it shows itself!

After your Correct Me Program is complete, we provide you with our “No-Brainer” Defend Me Program! At almost half the cost, you let us defend your body from all your bad habits, accidents, and slip and falls that happen to sneak back up on you! Not to mention you get our Membership Perks and Discounts!!

You and your practitioner invested a lot of time and effort to get you pain-free… let’s make sure we keep you there!

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